maandag 13 september 2010

The Nail Filezz September'10

This month I dedicated the theme of my nails to one of my all time
favorite Sanrio characters; Cinnamoroll!^^

I love how the different shades of baby blue glitter colors came out and the prisma colored Swarowski crystals in my opinion just gave the finishing touch.
The pictures of the characters are tiny little stickers which came with my Cinnamoroll calendar I bought in Bangkok last year.
Now dolls, tell me, which Sanrio character would you dedicate your nails to?

The Nail Filezz September'10

dinsdag 7 september 2010

Egoist fall 2010

These are my fav.looks from Egoist Fall 2010!
Though I think bare legs in autumn are a liiitle too cold up where I live, the looks are very wearable and I love the fact that it looks so fashionable but simple & comfy at the same time.
Now, if you'll excuse me please, I need to get myself some of these tails to decorate myself and my stuff with!^^
You galls can check out Egoist's amazing site
and if you feel like reading some info about the brand after all that eye candy