dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Buckle up, accessory haul!

As I already mentioned in my previous "the nail failzz" post, I'm going through a serious gold obsessed fhase right now...mix that up with an accessory shopping spree and you'll get the following result; ^^

Accesories haul

I noticed that I even forgot some things in de photo, but you'll get the idea;)The things I found myself wearing the most on a daily basis are the huge cream/gold colored rose ring with rhinestones, the heard shaped earrings and some of the big necklaces. The bangles are nice but a bit plain for me, so I love to combine them with others.. oh,and I finally got an usamimi! I've been wanting one for quite some time now, but couln't find them around here, so just when I decided it was time to go make my own I came across this cute lace example!

Another cool purchase I made are these buckled boots!


I think they're perfect to wear to more formal occasions, but I can also see myself wearing them to the club or something. The heels are a little too high to wear them to go shopping or doing random daily things in, cause the sole seems to be "just not there" I'm planning to wear them to a wedding next month, now I'll just need a matching outfit!

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

The Nail Filezz August'10

A little bit more simple & classic this month for a change and it perfectly
matches my current gold obsession!

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Greys have more fun!?

I used to dye my hair a silvery grey about 1,5 a year ago I think, (see pic.on the right :P) after being a "whitehead" for quite some time.
White and grey are very difficult colors to maintain for me , as I have a lot of warmth in my natural hair color, thanks to my dad who's hair is ginger!
A simple root touch up routine takes about 6 hours and consists of 2 rounds of bleaching and than the coloring to take out the last bit of warmth that survived when I go white and also to fill in the color when I go grey.
So the last months I settled for a very, very light ashy blonde, a little bit more- but still not natural color so that my scalp and hair could get some rest and hopefully grow stronger and longer...
But than it happened... I saw the preview of the spread Gaga did for next month's Vanity Fair and I was sold.. Being completely in love with the hair in this editorial I could only make one decision; yes darlings, this week I'm going back to grey!


Some cute shades of grey in adorable styles;


"Greyheads" are also being seen more and more in fashion, started out on the catwalk and the editorial models the trend is now slowly hitting the streets and is seen on the heads of the fashion forward teenagers & twentiers and celebs.