dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Buckle up, accessory haul!

As I already mentioned in my previous "the nail failzz" post, I'm going through a serious gold obsessed fhase right now...mix that up with an accessory shopping spree and you'll get the following result; ^^

Accesories haul

I noticed that I even forgot some things in de photo, but you'll get the idea;)The things I found myself wearing the most on a daily basis are the huge cream/gold colored rose ring with rhinestones, the heard shaped earrings and some of the big necklaces. The bangles are nice but a bit plain for me, so I love to combine them with others.. oh,and I finally got an usamimi! I've been wanting one for quite some time now, but couln't find them around here, so just when I decided it was time to go make my own I came across this cute lace example!

Another cool purchase I made are these buckled boots!


I think they're perfect to wear to more formal occasions, but I can also see myself wearing them to the club or something. The heels are a little too high to wear them to go shopping or doing random daily things in, cause the sole seems to be "just not there" I'm planning to wear them to a wedding next month, now I'll just need a matching outfit!

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