donderdag 6 oktober 2011

BuhBye Bleached Hair!

OMG..I finally did took some courage but I decided to stop bleaching my hair for a while
and to no longer be a white/silver head!

I started bleaching my hair in the beginning of 2008 from a very dark brown to a white and sometimes a silver/grey colour. As much as I loved it, my hair simply didn't anymore ,.. my scalp got really sore and instead of growing longer my hair got to a point where it just seem to break at a certain lenght.

To be really honest..I was fine dealing with the cons most of the time..just suck it up while bleaching and wear extensions...but then..the horror happened.. quite an amount of hair broke of while I was washing out the bleach...right on the line where I bleached it the last time..leaving me with strands of hair about 1,5 cm right on top of my head..DOOM,DOOM,DOOOOOM!!! >.<

Thank God my hairdresser kicks serious ass and he managed to cover it up..but still..
I was scared to death cuz I don't think bold will be such a cute look on me.. and so I decided to give my hair a break for a while so that it can hopefully grow back healthy,lushious and long!^^

I choose to go for the ombre look I was secretly obsessing over for quite a while now and I'm very happy with the result..
It's a shame it took my hair to break off to finally give me that kick in the ass to make the change but everything has it's reason I guess ;-)

So gals,.Brunette or Blonde? Would love to hear your opinion! :-D

maandag 18 juli 2011

New cute polishes

I recently cleaned out my drawer with nail polishes and got rid of quite a few, a lot of them got old and thick or I just didn't like the color anymore.
I must say that they didn't got a whole lotta love from me lately, since I always get my nails done @ the salon and I was using the same kind of turquoise polish on my toes now for years.. really turquoise toe nails were almost becoming my trade mark.. I didn't even felt like the same me without them, haha!
Picture proof: A pic. of me and the famous nail polish (a limited edition color #17 from Bourjois) taken on the train to a Tokyo Decadance Party in Germany in March 2009!oh my... lolz!

So yeah,now that Summer is here and I love wearing cute sandals I felt like it was time for some action and decided to go shopping for some new love for my here's what I took home for now!^^

Catrice Cosmetics : Ulti Mate Nudes ; #040 Petit Four As Dessert.
Essence : Multi Dimension xxxl shine nail polish; #69 Movin'On.
Essence : Multi Dimension xxxl shine nail polish; #72 Found My Love.
Essence : Multi Dimension xxxl shine nail polish; #74 Fall For Me.
GOSH : #597 Miss Minty.

They all have a built up coverage but 2 layers will do.
I especially love wearing the "Petit Four As Dessert" (2,49) when wearing my golden sandals, That color combined with gold gives your look an instant touch of classiness and sophistication but in a super fashionable way. The finish is a bit "pearly".

The Essence polishes are nice to work with and give a real glossy finish. Their newer 'multi dimension' line has an amazing variety of cute and trendy colors and mayor bonus point; they sell for only 1,79! (Euro)

To be honest I was a little disappointed in the one from GOSH which I got for 6,99. It has a great coverage and the color really pops, but I think the texture of the polish is a bit to thick, which left my toes nails looking a little bit like I dipped them into a paint can!

What's your favorite color to wear on your nails this Summer?

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

New ♥ for my iPad

Leopard print, gold and leather combined in one item.. I mean,.. how could I possibly resist!?
I was still looking for a case for my iPad and when I found this one at River Island during one of my shopping sprees in Rotterdam it was definitely love at first sight!
Let's share!; What does your iPad/notebook case look like?^^
x♥x Niita

woensdag 13 juli 2011

I has returned! :P

Oh hellooo-o!^^
Guess what!? Yupyup that's right, I'm back! I know it's been a while, but in the last couple of months my life changed in so many ways, I was just too busy keeping up!
I really missed blogging though and I think my life is way too crazy sometimes to keep to myself! besides, I have tons of new stuff to share in the posts coming up, so yeah, here we go!:)
For now I leave you guys with a quick snap of last month's hair update; I finally dyed my hair a lovely shade of pastel pink! <3