donderdag 6 oktober 2011

BuhBye Bleached Hair!

OMG..I finally did took some courage but I decided to stop bleaching my hair for a while
and to no longer be a white/silver head!

I started bleaching my hair in the beginning of 2008 from a very dark brown to a white and sometimes a silver/grey colour. As much as I loved it, my hair simply didn't anymore ,.. my scalp got really sore and instead of growing longer my hair got to a point where it just seem to break at a certain lenght.

To be really honest..I was fine dealing with the cons most of the time..just suck it up while bleaching and wear extensions...but then..the horror happened.. quite an amount of hair broke of while I was washing out the bleach...right on the line where I bleached it the last time..leaving me with strands of hair about 1,5 cm right on top of my head..DOOM,DOOM,DOOOOOM!!! >.<

Thank God my hairdresser kicks serious ass and he managed to cover it up..but still..
I was scared to death cuz I don't think bold will be such a cute look on me.. and so I decided to give my hair a break for a while so that it can hopefully grow back healthy,lushious and long!^^

I choose to go for the ombre look I was secretly obsessing over for quite a while now and I'm very happy with the result..
It's a shame it took my hair to break off to finally give me that kick in the ass to make the change but everything has it's reason I guess ;-)

So gals,.Brunette or Blonde? Would love to hear your opinion! :-D

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  2. out with the old in with the new, ur more daring than me with ur hair.. any other colers on ur wishlist?