vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Jeremy Scott X Adidas X "Snuggle Bear"?

"Nooo, they killed Snuggle bear!!" that was my first reaction to the preview pic's of Jeremy Scott's sneaker design for Adidas Originals Spring / Summer 2011.

Remember the cute bear on the bottles of fabric softener? He used to be quite popular in the late 80's/ early 90's and lately I've been spotting this cute character used in accessories more and more on the streets of Tokyo for example.

I actually remembered I had this fantastic warm 'n soft aqua bathrobe with his face on the back as a kid which I absolutely adored and I have to admit I still own some of his items..

Anyways, the bear in the sneakers just reminded my very much of him.

As for the sneakers, I'm really in love with the pink version and I definitely hope to get my hands on them for next spring!^^

Till then, I'm contemplating to dig up my old stuffed up Snuggle bears and decapitate them

in the name of fashion to use them for some cute D.I.Y accessory projects and just wear

the other 2 fabulous winged pairs of JS sneakers I already own!^^

3 opmerkingen:

  1. lmfao..awesomeness..id be patting my sneaker constantly

  2. Aaah I used to have that bear!
    Brings back memories ^^

  3. I know,I still love my old toys!^^
    I recently found my snuggle bear shaped candle!<3