donderdag 22 juli 2010

The Nail Filezz July'10

I love 'getting my nails did' every month and this month I even got to do it twice..

I used to have acrylics but lately I experienced some trouble with the overlay lifting, so
my nail artist and I decided to give gel a try and go for a new set of extra long stilettos.
I was absolutely psyched about the length and the My Little Pony inspired result but this
set of nails didn't only lift, nooo, they all completely fell of after a day or 5! O.O Most
likely cause is stress or a hormonal change..yeah I'm tellin' ya; hormones are a b*tch!

So I switched back to a little shorter set of acrylic stilettos a week ago, this time inspired
by the colors of the uber cute Kokeshi doll my girl Otti got me for my^^

Hope these will stay till' August..

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  1. Still in love with the colors of your last set of nails. Oh my.. <3